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Challenged with producing a sparkling advertising campaign for your most discerning client? Looking for a way to ensure your corporate logo will make an impression at the upcoming grand opening event? Searching for a unique way to individually thank your loyal customer base? Try ice!

Whether we use our design team or one of over 15,000 designs in our database, Grand Rapids based Ice Sculptures Limited can provide a unique addition to your promotions and graphics arsenal. The old-fashioned cruise ship buffet frozen carving is gone, welcome to the new era of ice sculptures. Outfitted with the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, Ice Sculptures Ltd. can reproduce your client’s logo to 1/10,000th of an inch in accuracy to the original artwork. The professional staff, experienced sculptors and flexibility of design will make customizing and ordering your sculpture the easiest thing you do for the campaign. Meijer Corporation and Rogers Department Store are just a few examples of recent Ice Sculptures Limited clients.

Whether you require a sculpture for your next print or television campaign, a 15’ x 12’ corporate logo to grace the entrance at a future grand opening, or individual 12” x 9” sculptures with your client’s logo to be delivered as a thank-you, call Ice Sculptures Limited and prepare to be dazzled.

Do you like color? Only Ice Sculptures, Ltd., can offer the smooth non-bleeding color you deserve!

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